Buying a home is probably one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make in your life, which is why it’s so important that necessary repairs are made to ensure your safety, financial stability, and overall happiness. However, where do you draw the line when requesting repairs from sellers as to not jeopardize the sale of the property all together?

Cosmetic repairs.

Cosmetic repairs are arguably at the top of the list of what to never ask sellers when interested in a home. Sure, the tile in the kitchen may look worn out and the backyard’s grass may be almost completely dried out; but you should avoid asking sellers to fix them. These repairs are completely cosmetic– meaning they don’t pose a threat to your safety or day to day well-being; therefore, they’re not worth risking the sale. The bright side? You can pick contractors and repairmen that you trust and can be sure the job gets done exactly the way you want it.

Inexpensive fix-its (under $100).

Fixing things like faulty faucets or jammed windows are considered inexpensive and somewhat petty. Many real estate agents encourage buyers to eat the costs of minor repairs as to not become annoying to the seller. If sellers become too agitated with buyers, they may decide the deal isn’t worth it and will move on. If you find a home you can’t live without, don’t ruin your chances with petty repair requests.

Minor water damage.

It’s not uncommon to find water stains along sinks or along bathroom walls– leaks happen. For little water stains that pose no real threat, they’re not worth complaining about to sellers. However, if there is an underlying problem, like a severe leak or mold, your inspector should let you know so you can negotiate with the buyers and handle it appropriately.

Basic electrical issues.

Requesting things like light switch replacements aren’t really worth the risk of losing the sale– they’re fairly easy to fix and don’t cost too much. If you already have a long list of things that need repairing, this definitely doesn’t need to be one of them. But, if your home inspector sees something major you’ll have to bring them up with the seller or walk away.

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