Keeping Up With Your Home This Fall : 3 Important Tasks

We are heading straight for Autumn here in DFW and you know what that means! Time to take care of some very important maintenance tasks on your home. So break out a cold one and turn on your big screen TV for some football this weekend and get busy!


Gutters need to be cleared of leaves and debris that may have accumulated in order to function properly. Clogged gutters can wreak havoc on your roof, siding, and foundation. These repairs can be extremely expensive.

Many homeowners opt into a service contract with a gutter cleaning company that schedules twice a year. We recommend these plans because they are typically affordable and there is potential danger involved with accessing the gutters on many homes. Generally these specialists will get up on a ladder and check & clear the gutters & downspouts of debris. Clearing them can often be challenging due to baked on foliage (spring) or frozen leaves (winter) attached to the insides of the channels, so if you are doing this yourself, make sure you have a good ladder and a spotter helping you out. Water is generally run through the system after the channels are cleared. Make sure that all of your downspouts are extended away from the foundation at the ground level. Often, it may be necessary to regrade your soil in some spots so that all water is directed away from your home.


Annual furnace maintenance is mandatory for ensuring its optimal working condition. A poorly maintained and/or inefficient furnace could be costing you huge amounts of money and could prove to be a safety risk.

We highly recommend that annual service be completed by a certified HVAC or other heating specialist. Some of the main things they should do in this annual service include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Replacing the furnace’s air filter
  2. Cleaning its burners
  3. Clearing vent lines
  4. Checking for any small leaks
  5. Cleaning its exterior
  6. Monitoring its efficiency and performance


The attic is an integral part of your home that needs to be visually inspected annually. Problematic attics can lead to health hazards and/or expensive repairs mostly caused by water or mold damage. Inspecting an attic doesn’t take long and requires almost no specialized expertise.

The main thing you should be looking for are signs of water damage. Is any wood warped or water stained? Are there any wood surfaces that are cracked or sagging? If the answer to either of these is “yes”, you should contact a roofing/attic specialist immediately. Water seepage is akin to slow acting poison for a home’s structure. Pay special attention to areas around chimneys, roof vents, and sky lights for signs of water damage as they are often quite vulnerable. Proper ventilation is also key in an attic. If there are any roof vents, blockages caused by nests or leaves are common. Make sure to clear these out by hand. Furthermore, make sure that all of the pipes and ductwork that run through the attic are properly connected and are correctly venting to the outside. If you have an attic fan, test that it’s functioning properly.

There is a lot more to take care of your home after a hot and active summer, winterizing your home and yard is next on the agenda…. stay tuned for more this fall and enjoy the season!